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Sticker Releases

:::: Full Box Stickers ::::

MP01 Glam Whimsical Pink
MP02 Glam Whimsical Teal
MP03 Glam Night Out
MP05 Glam Pink Christmas / New Years Eve
MP06 Glam Accessories (pink handbags collection)
MP07 Glam Travel Around the World
MP08 Glam Vanity Collection I
MP09 Glam Celebration
MP10 Glam Spa Day
MP11 Glam in Love
MP12 Glam Vanity Collection II
MP13 Glam Fashion Accessories II (teal handbags collection)
MP15 Glam Hello Month Calendar 2 pack set
MP16 Glam Enchanted Emerald (St Patricks Day)
MP17 Glam into Spring Season
MP18 Glam Sweets and Treats
MP19 Glam Nails and Polish Oh MY — release date TBD
MP20 Glam Fireworks (4th of July)
MP21 Glam Luxe Appetite
MP22 Glam Pretty as a Picnic (Summertime Season)
MP23 Glam and Fab Birthday Girl
MP24 Glam I HEART Makeup (makeup palette collection)
MP25 Glam Day at the Beach
MP26 Glam Fall Fashion
MP27 Glam Haunted Couture

Other Sticker Category Dates TBD:

Other Major Holidays

:::: Washi Tape Strip Stickers ::::

WT01 Glitter Borders

WT02 Glam Accessories (shoes, handbags, makeup)

WT03 Glam Must Haves (perfume, fashion, makeup)

:::: Planner Shape Decorative Stickers ::::

PS01 Glam Necessities (food / drink / makeup variety)

PS02 Glam Arm Candy (handbag / luggage collection)

PS03 For the Love of Coffee (Starbucks tribute)

PS04 Sassy Little Things (Tumblr tribute)

PS05 Glam Delivery Day (pink shipping stickers)

PS06 Glam Eyelashes

PS07 Glam Boss Girl (perfume, fashion, makeup)

:::: Repetitive 1/2" Circle Icon Stickers ::::

PSC01 Fashion Brand Louis Vuitton Chanel

CS02 Rainbow Colored Fitness Dumbbell Weights

CS02 Glam Colored Fitness Dumbbell Weights

CS03 Rainbow Colored Meal Planner

CS03 Glam Colored Meal Planner

CS04 Rainbow Colored Phone / On Call

CS05 Rainbow Colored Email / Envelopes

CS06 Rainbow Colored Spa Day

CS07 Glam Colored Heels and Handbags

:::: Weekly/Monthly Layout Stickers ::::

CH01 Glam Girl Boss Headers and Checklists

CH02 Glam Girl Boss "Kate's Secret Collection" Headers and Checklists

CH07 Glam Girl Boss "Donut Judge My Goals" Kit

CH08 Glam Girl Boss "Work Out Like a Boss" Kit